Welcome to Janessa Rath Beauty.

I have worked with makeup since the young age of 3 when dance and glitter took over my world. I bring 8 years of experience working in the beauty industry to each client interaction. As a certified Esthetician and Makeup Artist, I understand skin and the importance of sanitation with my clients. I also have a certificate in Office Education and am currently Retail Manager at MAC Cosmetics in Regina.

I have a passion for the creative in makeup and a love for empowering women by highlighting their true features. For me beauty is about the confidence it can provide rather than the product applied. When you feel beautiful, you feel strong, confident and able to be your best. I enjoy letting the skin truly glow and have the natural beauty shine through the makeup. Bridal parties are a personal favorite for me, I am always honored when asked to be involved in such a special moment of a Bride’s life. Makeup is the external expression of someone’s internal beauty.

Accomplishments include:

  • Lead makeup artist on Saskatchewan Roughrider Cheerleading Calendar for 2012, 2013, and 2014.
  • Lead makeup artist on Atlantic Schooners Cheerleading Calendar in 2014
  • Support Artist for Saskatchewan Fashion Week 2017
  • In November 2017 I attended CLASS in Portland, where I had the chance to have hands on training by the worlds leading industry professionals such as Val Garland, Gregory Arlt, Romero Jennings and more for 5 days.

“Everybody’s different, and that is the essence of their beauty.”

– Kevyn Aucoin